Nobody Expects the Italian Reformation (link corrected)

But it happened, briefly and the good news here is that it’s back. Andrea Ferrari is a pastor of the Reformed Congregation in Milan, Italy. He’s also an author who has written (in English!) on one of the more significant Italian Reformed . . . Continue reading →

Waldensian Synod Approves Homosexual Marriage

Mike Brown sent me a note (with an attached link to an Italian news site) with a notice that the Waldensians have approved Homosexual marriage. The good news is that there is now, in Italy, an alternative for those who want to . . . Continue reading →

Prayer Request for Two Reformed Church Plants in Europe

Andrea Ferarri, Pastor of a confessional Reformed congregation in Italy writes to say that Rev Mike Brown, Pastor of Christ United Reformed Church (Santee, CA) will be in Milan later this month to preach and teach. Among his topics, is “The Gospel-Driven . . . Continue reading →

The Reformed Confession Grows In Milan

Renewed interest in the Reformed confession is not a uniquely American phenomenon. There are, of course, large confessional Reformed/Presbyterian bodies in South Korea, Nigeria, The (Democratic Republic of the) Congo, and elsewhere. We where we might not expect to find a Reformed . . . Continue reading →