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Rev Andrea FerrariThe Rev Dr Andrea Ferrari was recently ordained and installed as pastor of the first United Reformed congregation in Milan, Italy. They have a new website and blog. Just as you’ve been praying for the return of the Reformation to Germany please also pray for the advance of the Reformation to Italy.

As you might imagine the fortunes of the Reformed faith and churches in Italy have not hitherto been glorious but God is gracious and this new congregation (under the oversight of Christ URC, Santee) constitutes a great new opportunity for the evangelical faith as it has been understood and confessed historically to gain a new foothold in Italy. To learn more about this work see Pastor Mike Brown’s powerpoint presentation.

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  1. Grazie, Scott!

    I uploaded some audiolinks today for Pastor Ferrari’s sermons on the Heidelberg Catechism in Italian. It makes you wonder, when was the last time someone preached through the Heidelberg Catechism in Italian?

    We also made a few minor updates and changes to the website.

    Please pray for Italy, and the establishment of Le Chiese Riformate d’Italia (The Reformed Churches of Italy).

  2. Brothers,

    As you continue to pray for Andrea, remember Rev. Mike Cuneo in Viterbo, Italy. Mike is an old school PCA man ministering in an Italian congregation there. The work is very hard. Remember the Reformed ministers there in your prayers. May God revive the church in Europe through the Gospel ministry of these fellow servants of Christ.

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