Waldensian Synod Approves Homosexual Marriage

Mike Brown sent me a note (with an attached link to an Italian news site) with a notice that the Waldensians have approved Homosexual marriage. The good news is that there is now, in Italy, an alternative for those who want to be faithful to Scripture as confessed by the Reformed Churches. It’s a small beginning, but it’s a beginning.  Check out the work of Reformation Italy and pray for them as they seek to bring the law and the gospel to bear in a late modern European context. Pray for the church planting work in Milan and for the future federation of Reformed churches in Italy.

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  1. This is truly sad news. The Waldensians have undergone so much persecution for the sake of the Truth in the past that it is heartbreaking to see them capitulate to this compromise.

  2. Well, when we say “the Waldensians” it makes it seem as though all in that particular communion fell on this issue, but I’m sure many individuals, the faithful, have gotten out. The devil takes over institutions. That is the pattern. Lowest common denominator group wins out over faithful individuals. It happens to Reformed institutions. It happens over and over. No surprise. Hollow victories always. God’s elect are never captured by the devil and his kingdom and followers.

  3. Right, Frederick. Apparently the compromises started soon after they became a recognized religion in the mid-19th century (before then they were sub-citizens in Italy). It’s gone downhill after that. If you read the Outlook, there will be an article on Italian Protestantism next month. Sadly, not “many individuals” have gotten out yet, but keep praying. Also pray for the URCNA church plant in Milan, presently the only Reformed confessional church in the whole country.

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