Missional Monday: Should Evangelism Happen Only in the Church?

As I argued at the WSC faculty conference “Missional and Reformed” the Reformed Churches have a sense of “mission.” We haven’t always been faithful to it and the Reformed understanding of the church’s mission is not that of the “missional” movement, especially . . . Continue reading →

Hyping the Great Commission

In 1995 Bill Bright published a volume on “the coming revival.” It summarized what he had been saying for years. If we would only fast and pray and follow the right methods, a revival would come. In other instances, however, he periodically . . . Continue reading →

On Comity And Mission

There is a topic that few NAPARC types dare raise: the matter of comity between the churches. Nevertheless, Darryl Hart has done just that. The Oxford American Dictionary defines comity as: 1. courtesy and considerate behavior toward others. 2. an association of . . . Continue reading →

Exegeting the Culture or Teaching the Faith?

Someone will object, “But why can’t we do both?” Fair question but my growing impression is that those who talk most about “exegeting the culture” seem to spend more time doing that than teaching the faith. This has been an issue with . . . Continue reading →

To the Jew First: Office Hours Talks to David Zadok About Jewish Evangelism

This week Office Hours talks to Westminster Seminary California alumnus David Zadok about Reformed evangelism in Israel to the Jews. David helps direct Ha Gefen. Here’s the interview. Subscribe to Office Hours in iTunes. Listen to all the episodes. Call Office Hours . . . Continue reading →