URCNA Study Committee Rejects FV (Updated)

UPDATE:  Here is the URCNA Report At Synod Calgary (2004) Synod of the United Reformed Churches in North America, in response to a complaint over a sermon preached by a (now former) URCNA minister, adopted Three Points on justification on the basis of . . . Continue reading →

Congratulations to WSC Grads Lenzner and VanderPol

Congratulations to Mark and Brad (and their patient wives) who sustained rigorous examinations as candidates for the pastoral ministry in Classis Southwest of the United Reformed Churches. Brad and Mark are both interns at Christ URC in Santee, CA. Brad has also . . . Continue reading →

Audio: Exposition of the Nine Points (Pt 8): Defining Grace and Faith

Exposition of the Nine Points (pt 8)-Defining Grace and Faith We reject the errors of those: who teach that Spirit-wrought sanctity, human works, or cooperation with grace is any part either of the ground of our righteousness before God or any part . . . Continue reading →

Revisiting the URC Creation Decision

At Bylogos Dr John Byl, Professor of  Mathematics at Trinity Western University and Member of the Advisory Board of Reformation International College comments on a joint letter that Kim Riddlebarger, Mike Horton, and I sent to the Christian Renewal in 2001.  Dr . . . Continue reading →

Beach Replies to Nampa (Pt 2)

…Nampa here (inadvertently) makes the Study Committee’s point for it by presenting materials that illustrate FV ambiguities and the theological haze the FV spreads. First, we meet FV statements that report that baptism and covenantal membership constitute nothing short of divine salvation . . . Continue reading →

Federal Vision Audio

In 2007 the Synod the United Reformed Churches in North America adopted a nine point declaration against the self-described federal vision movement. They described these points as “pastoral advice.” Here’s a written exposition of the Nine Points. These nine talks (below) also explain . . . Continue reading →

Can’t Plant A Psalm-Singing Congregation In An Urban Metro?

Don’t tell that to the brothers and sisters at Grace URC in Torrance, California. They’ve been in existence for 12 years and are completing a significant expansion of their worship facility as needed by their growing congregation. Mrs Heidelblog and I spent . . . Continue reading →