Measuring the Health of a Church

For many the 18th century is regarded as the “century of mission” or perhaps century of the so-called First Great Awakening (for more on this see see ch. 3 of RRC) but if fidelity to the Reformed Confession is a mark of . . . Continue reading →

How To Fence the Lord’s Table (2)

How to Fence the Lord’s Table (Part 1) There is irony in fencing the Lord’s Table. What should be a joyous celebration, after due preparation of course, and a communion of believers with their risen Lord and with one another, is for . . . Continue reading →

Strategic, Authentic, and Confessional

Introduction: What Do You Want? I spent an encouraging evening with a enthusiastic group of young people at pastor’s house recently. Over dinner we discussed the challenges of planting Reformed Churches. We agreed that whatever we do we need to be strategic, we . . . Continue reading →

Office Hours: Sola Scriptura And Missions

Office Hours Video

In Matthew 28 our Lord gave to his visible church the great commission to go announce the gospel, to make disciples of all the nations, to plant churches, and to make use of the means that he himself had established. Dr Lloyd . . . Continue reading →

Thinking Of Planting A Confessional Reformed Church On The Plains?

It is not easy to plant a confessional Reformed congregation on the American Plains (the area of the USA from the between the Rockies and the Mississippi River, from Canada to Mexico). In some places it is sparsely populated. The confessional Presbyterian . . . Continue reading →

Interested In A URCNA Church Plant In The Eastern USA?

 Contact info. NB: A Classis is a regional assembly of Reformed churches. It is a Latin word that originally referred to a fleet of ships. The Presbyterians say essentially the same thing with the word Presbytery Resources How To Subscribe To Heidelmedia . . . Continue reading →

A New Reformed Congregation In Ventura, CA

I am thankful to introduce Ventura Reformed to readers of the Heidelblog! In April, Pasadena URC called and sent me to three households in the city of Ventura to lead them in a grassroots church-planting project. We are asking the Lord to establish a URCNA congregation on the Oxnard Plain (population ~ 400,000) not only with Reformed-and-relocating people, and with Christians-becoming-Reformed people, but especially—especially!—with people who do not attend any church. Continue reading →

Santa Ana Reformed: New URCNA Congregation To Be Planted in Orange County California

From Peter Bell, an intern at Oceanside URC: We are planting a Reformed Church (URCNA) in Santa Ana, the city seat of Orange County. We are beginning the informational sessions and Bible studies near the end of October, with a goal (Lord . . . Continue reading →