Why Communism Is Not The Answer

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  1. Vizitez România din 1996, iar România este o țară foarte frumoasă, încă luptându-mă să se recupereze din moștenirea comunismului. Vă rugăm să vă rugați pentru Rev. Mihai Corcea și pentru planta bisericească din București.

    I have been visiting Romania since 1996, and Romania is a very beautiful country, still struggling to recover from the legacy of communism. Please pray for Rev. Mihai Corcea and for the church plant in Bucharest.

    • Thank you, Keith Giles, for this comment. It makes me want to pray for Romania and helps me to know how to pray.

  2. Mihai’s work is really crucial. He’s doing a great job in a hard place. I can’t imagine regularly dealing with such a combination of atheism and superstition that is present there.

    The whole Reformation Europe project is really exciting, but those men need our prayers.

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