The Church Growth Ethos, Presbyterians, & Narcissism

An increasing number of pastors in the PCA are either resigning or being fired due to their narcissistic abuses undermining their ministry, which is truly disheartening. However, the more significant issue lies in the job advertisements for pastors, which often attract narcissistic . . . Continue reading →

Eugene Reformed: A New Confessional Reformed Congregation Forming In Oregon

Eugene Reformed is a Reformed Bible study in Eugene, Oregon gathering with the intention of planting a confessional Presbyterian or Reformed church. They meet each Thursday evening from 6:30–8:30pm at the Gainsborough Community Clubhouse, 2555 Lansdown Rd. Eugene, OR 97404 (Gainsborough is a gated . . . Continue reading →

Idea: Let’s Try Every Way But Christ’s Way

This essay was my response to an 2007 article by Nancy Morganthaler on the failure of the church growth movement (HT: Justin Taylor). It is necessarily somewhat autobiographical. My criticisms of the church growth movement are partly theoretical and partly practical, to borrow an . . . Continue reading →

Speaking In Foreign Languages In The Church? The Adoption Of Business Language In The Church In Light Of 1 Corinthians 14:27

What then, brothers? When you come together, each one has a psalm, a lesson, a revelation, a foreign language, or an interpretation. Let all things be done for building up. If any speak in a foreign language, let there be only two . . . Continue reading →

The Beginning Of The End Of The Megachurch Era?

In a May 9 video message to the congregation, Pastor Dave Dummitt said the church was “about half the size we were before COVID . . . and as you can imagine that has financial implications.” He said leadership would be working . . . Continue reading →

Conversion, Church Planting, And The Due Use Of Ordinary Means

As a follow up to the recent post about the intersection between Acts 29, Mars Hill, and the PCA, someone sent a link to the application to be filled in/out on for the Spanish River Church Planting program. One of the questions on . . . Continue reading →

An Overlooked Aspect Of The Story: PCA Influence On Acts 29 And Mars Hill

Regular readers of the Heidelblog and listeners of the Heidelcast will know that considerable time has been spent here analyzing and interacting with the podcast series produced by Christianity Today and hosted by Mike Cosper (see the resources below).

The Next Church-Growth Fad: Big Data

One of the several quiet revolutions introduced into American life by the two Obama Administrations was the use of “Big Data” to target voters. To that point no campaign had harnessed the power of the internet the way the Obama campaign had. . . . Continue reading →

Good News For The Reformed Churches: Small Is In Again

Walnut Creek RCUS Kansas City

“According to the recently released Faith Communities Today study, half of the congregations in the United States have 65 people or fewer, while two-thirds of congregations have fewer than 100.” Continue reading →

Seeker, Franchise, Or Reforming: Moving Beyond Some Current Models In Reformed Church Planting To Recover The Whole Mission

The need is great, the mission is great but our God is greater and his grace is greater than all our sin and weakness. Pray for the harvest. Organize for the mission (to plant churches) and ask yourself where your congregation falls in the seeker — franchise — reforming continuum: is there a passion for the whole mission? Continue reading →

Gospel Preachers Are Theologians Of The Cross

Among the many spiritual ills that afflicted the Corinthian congregation was a class of leaders, self-appointed, “Super Apostles” (2 Cor 11:5, 12). These so-called “Super Apostles” compared themselves to the Apostle Paul and claimed to be superior to him. Where Paul’s speech as imperfect, theirs was polished. Where he was arrested for the sake of Christ, they had suffered no such shame. Continue reading →