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Westside Reformed Church was launched nearly ten years ago as a church plant of the United Reformed Churches in North America, immediately after I graduated from seminary. It was at Westminster Seminary California—and through related media like the Heidelblog—that I developed a deep love for things that now characterize our church: creeds and confessions, distinguishing (but not separating) Law and Gospel, catechism preaching, Psalm-singing, the frequent celebration of the Supper, careful biblical exposition, and a zeal to spread the Christian faith through the ordinary means of grace and church planting.

Slowly but surely, the Lord has assembled a congregation here and used us to plant two more URC churches (Madison and Indianapolis), with another waiting in the wings. Our small congregations might be unimpressive to the watching world, but they evoke celebration among the angels. Weak sinners are taking refuge in Jesus Christ and receiving His transforming work through Spirit-filled worship and discipleship.

Now, our church is preparing to enter a new chapter and phase. We are, unexpectedly, leaving Cincinnati’s westside behind. After failing to find a building to call home for nearly five years, we are being given a property in the heart of Cincinnati. While our own congregation is able to make the necessary improvements to achieve ownership, we will not have enough to renovate it.

Please, take a few minutes to watch this video, say a prayer for us, and consider donating to this project, in order that our congregation might become rooted for the further spread of the gospel in this city and beyond.

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About Zac Wyse

Pastor Zac is from Stryker, Ohio and a graduate of Miami University (Zoology, B.S.). Though he grew up as a regular churchgoer, he was converted in college. After spending five years serving campus fellowships in Europe, he attended Westminster Seminary California (M.Div, 2013) and was ordained to the office of Minister in November of 2013. He is especially zealous to encourage further church planting in the Cincinnati Metro area and further afield.