Audio: Dan Borvan On The Perseverance Of The French Reformed Church

Recently, the Rev Dr Dan Borvan (DPhil) gave a talk at Providence Christian College (Pasadena, CA) on the history of the French Reformed Church. As he says, the French Reformed are an important part of our history and they are, for a variety of reasons, often overlooked in the English-speaking world. Dan did his doctoral work on the French Reformation and is well qualified to introduce them to us. He is pastor of Grace Reformed Church, Torrance, CA and chairman of the board of the Heidelberg Reformation Association. He was educated at Westminster Seminary California and Oxford University. He wrote an MA thesis on Faustus Socinus (2011) and a DPhil. thesis (2019) on Pierre Du Moulin, “Fighting For The Faith: Pierre Du Moulin’s Polemical Quest.”


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  1. Very interesting. The French Calvinists are a vital part of our state’s (South Carolina) heritage both religiously and politically. The Church of England placed many restrictions on these colonial French Churches which didn’t bode well for the Brits come 1776.


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