The Beginning Of The End Of The Megachurch Era?

In a May 9 video message to the congregation, Pastor Dave Dummitt said the church was “about half the size we were before COVID . . . and as you can imagine that has financial implications.” He said leadership would be working “to right-size our budget going into next year.”

Dummitt said almost three-quarters of Willow Creek’s operating budget was devoted to staffing. “The rule of thumb for healthy churches is to maintain staffing costs at or below 50%,” he said.

… By the end of last year, Willow Creek was seeing 43% of its 2019 weekly average attendance, its statement today indicated. It’s up about 500 more people now. Read more»

Sarah Einselen | Willow Creek Cuts Staff Amid Steep Drop in Attendance | May 18, 2022


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