How To Subscribe To Heidelmedia

I have had questions lately about subscribing to the Heidelblog and the Heidelcast (Heidelmedia). There are a variety of ways of keeping up with both.


First, how to subscribe to the Heidelblog?

1. Email. On the left side of the HB home page you will see the option to Heidelscribe (subscribe) to the HB via email. This service is provided by WordPress. When you enter your email address you will receive a confirmation notification. Once you confirm, the HB will appear in you email inbox whenever there is a new post.

2. RSS. Before the rise of Facebook and Twitter, we used blog aggregators. They have mostly been replaced by email programs but the same idea still works. Most email programs will allow you to subscribe to a feed from a blog or a podcast. Here is the HB RSS feed. Click on that link and whatever your default feed reader is will pop up and tell you what to do.

3, Many now rely on social media (Twitter, Facebook etc) to find out about new posts and podcasts. Though the HB does post new content automatically to Twitter (but not to Facebook, sorry—I use FB (for now) to stay in touch with family and to read those things that appear only on FB) you should not rely on their algorithms to determine what you see. They are not mere disinterested platforms. They are multinational media companies who have their own financial, political, and cultural interests. Why would one allow someone else’s algorithm determine what they see and read?


How to Subscribe to the Heidelcast? It is available via

    • Apple Podcasts.
    • RSS. This is the most direct way to subscribe to the Heidelcast. Copy this link and paste it into your podcast app. There are several good options available.
    • The Heidelcast is available by searching in most podcast apps and Spotify.
    • If you subscribe to the Heidelblog (see above) you will get an email/notice of every HB post, including Heidelcast posts.
    • There is not a HeidelApp. Because of the terrific work of the Wonderful Wizard of Web, the mobile site (which appears on phones and other smaller mobile devices) is essentially an app. Bookmarking the HB on your browser (e.g., “save to home page” on the iPhone and iPad) makes it effectively an app on your device.

If there are other platforms on which you would like to see the Heidelcast, please let me know.

Subscribe to the Heidelblog today!


  1. You are probably the only person to have read the Spotify agreement. “I read the terms of service” is probably the biggest lie on the internet.

    I think a lot of these podcast services might renege on their meaningless agreements at some point. I hope you’ve backed-up your audio.

    You might be able to use the same streaming widget that AG Radio uses for your own blog

    • Walt,

      As a content provider I have an interest in making sure that I do not lose control of that content. It wasn’t clear from me that Spotify agreed with my view of my content.

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