Top Posts For 2012

The Most Downloaded Posts Of 2012 Baptism: The Doctrine that Caused Tears (4) Deconstructing Puritanism Resources on Understanding the Differences Between the Lutheran and Reformed Traditions Brothers We Are Not Perfectionists Baptism: The Doctrine That Caused Tears (1) Covenant Theology Is Not . . . Continue reading →

Bringing In 2021 With the Presbycast

New Years Eve was noisy in Escondido but the fireworks really started when I joined Chortles Weakly (Brad Isbell) to help bring in 2021 with the Presbycast. We had fun with sound effects and general goofiness as our dogs both cowered (and . . . Continue reading →

After The Presents: Some Excellent Podcasts

First, there is a new podcast in the Presbycast network of podcasts: Presbygirls. It features Sarah Morris, member of of Westminster PCA, Roanoke, VA and the author of an excellent essay at Ref21, “Brothers, We Are Presbyterian Are We Not?” and Zoe . . . Continue reading →