Top Ten Posts Of 2021: Happy New Year From the Heidelblog

Happy New Year from the Heidelblog!

We hoped for better in 2021 but the the Lord is faithful and he has kept his promise: “Behold, I will be with you always” (Matt 28:20). At times it has seemed as if we have been in stuck in a loop that began in 2020. We may be thankful, however, that in important ways, life began to return to normal. Last year, several of the top posts were Covid related. This year, only one is. That is a good sign. We continue to pray for relief from the virus, for wisdom for our civil leaders, for mercy for the suffering, and for wisdom for the church as we navigate a brave new world.

This is the 14th year of the Heidelblog (including its progenitor) and the top posts this year reflect the year that was.

Thanks to the more than four-hundred thousand Heidelblog readers in 2021 and to the thousands of you who subscribed and listened to the Heidelcast. You downloaded posts, pages, and podcasts 1.3 million times this year. Since 2012 the Heidelblog has had more than 7.3 million views. The Heidelcast has been in production since 2009 but we have only had access to our download statistics since 2012. Since then we have had 571,783 downloads.

There was a significant development in the Heidelverse this year. Several of us organized and incorporated the Heidelberg Reformation Association. We are working to find funding toward communicating confessional Reformed theology, piety, and practice across the globe. The work has just begun. I am grateful to the board and to everyone who is helping to make this project a reality. Stay tuned for more news about the HRA.

As always a heartfelt thanks to the Wonderful Wizard of Web who built the Heidelblog and maintained it for years and to our current web guru, whose good work keeps the HB functioning. On the Heidelblog alone there are more than 7,269 posts (653 in 2021 alone) and pages to manage.

To those who donated to help keep the Heidelblog and Heidelcast going, I say thank you. Remember, when the coin in the coffer clinks, the cost of bandwidth shrinks. To support Heidelmedia use the donate button at the bottom of every post.

The Most Downloaded Posts Of 2021 (Published in 2021)

  1. Good Guys, Bad Guys, And A Missing Category
  2. Johnson To The PCA: “Merry Christmas. Here Is A Lump Of Coal For Your Stocking”
  3. Homosexual Desire Is Also Sin
  4. It Is Not What It Appears To Be
  5. Presbyterial Problems
  6. A New Religion With A New Sacrament?
  7. Why Does It Take So Long To Explain Infant Baptism?
  8. Warning Signs About That State Of Evangelical Pop Culture: The Visible, Institutional Church Matters
  9. Piper’s Sea Shell Sermon Illustrates How Far The YRR Movement Was From The Reformation
  10. It Can Be Difficult But We Need To Open Our Eyes And Pay Attention To The Facts


  1. The Heidelcast
  2. In Light Of Harvard’s New Atheist Chief Chaplain This Seems Relevant Again
  3. The Ten Points Of Marxism
  4. Trueman: What “Big Eva” Is And Why It Matters To Reformed Churches
  5. Covenant Theology Is Not Replacement Theology


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  1. A very grateful and happy new year, Dr. Clark.
    The gratitude is for the time I’ve spent reading and learning from you. Never went to college (right into the USAF after high school) but, man, am I getting schooled here.
    Yours, in the grace and peace of Christ

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