In Light Of Harvard’s New Atheist Chief Chaplain This Seems Relevant Again

Therapeutic Religion Is Still Not True Religion


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  1. It is very sad, but absolutely true that there are chaplains, pastors, priests, etc. who simply advocate feel good religion, or no religion at all. Indeed, there are so many who deny God’s word in order to make people comfortable, and more so who are afraid to “offend” anyone.

    People need the truth about salvation that come only through the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. I have been shunned by many clergy in my own denomination for being unrealistic and too “old School”, and am considered to “No longer” fit the role of church leadership.

    I no longer am pastor of a congregation. Retired and on pension & Social Security. But my everlasting words will always be to preach God’s word, and the Lordship & Authority of Jesus Christ, and that I am fully accountable to the Lord for the souls given to my care as a preacher…I will preach His Word until my dying breath.

    Pastor Jeffrey+

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