After The Presents: Some Excellent Podcasts

First, there is a new podcast in the Presbycast network of podcasts: Presbygirls. It features Sarah Morris, member of of Westminster PCA, Roanoke, VA and the author of an excellent essay at Ref21, “Brothers, We Are Presbyterian Are We Not?” and Zoe Schimke, an undergrad, whose Twitter bio describes her as “Amateur political journalist, dissident, and Calvinist PCA member. Warrior Princess of House Machen. Proudly old school & in the way.” The introductory episode is biographical and an introduction to Presbysectionality. Say what you will about the P&R world but we are blessed with some wonderful and gifted laity. Recommended.

The second episode to recommend is the annual Presbycast (tongue-in-cheek) celebration of Festivus. This note is a couple of days late but Christmas day and boxing day (in the UK and Commonwealth nations) can be a little slow and this episode will fill a chunk of time and occasionally amuse you. If you are a huge fan of “The Doctor” and lack any sense of humor about his approach to homiletics or if you are offended by hearing from deceased, honorable figures then this is not the episode you you but if you can tolerate bad bumper music and a scene out of the Star Wars cantina, then you might appreciate hearing from Dan Borvan, Brad Isbell, Wresbyterian (who wisely preserves his anonymity), and a cast of characters including yours truly, then this episode is for you.


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