Discussing QIRC And QIRE On Presbycast

Chortles Weakly,  Wresbyterian (hence the image of “Baron von Raschke,” the “wrasslin” hero of my youth), and I spent an hour last night talking about the Quest for Illegitimate Religious Certainty (QIRC) and the Quest for Illegitimate Religious Experience (QIRE) and their . . . Continue reading →

With The Presbycast On The Federal Vision

The self-described “Federal Vision” has been with us, in its most recent incarnation, since about 1974, when Norman Shepherd began to teach that we are justified through faith and works. That’s right. A professor of theology, in an ostensibly confessional school, openly . . . Continue reading →

With Presbycast: What Is The Gospel?

It is always fun and edifying to talk with the Presbycast Guys, whom some have called the voice of confessionalist dissent in America. Last night we were discussing the question: What is the gospel? The answer to this question might seem obvious . . . Continue reading →

With Presbycast On Virtual Communion—UPDATED

Regular readers of this space will know that I am a regular (or perhaps, more properly, an irregular) guest of the Presbycast podcast hosted by Brad Isbell (Chortles Weakly) and Wresbyterian. This is a valuable (if sometimes quirky) resource for the confessional . . . Continue reading →

With Presbycast On Cancel Culture And Calvinist Pirates

As always we had a good time on the old Presbycast Hayride, Jamboree, and Barn Dance. Chortles told us the story of the Huguenot Pirates—real pirates, not “piratical” pretenders hitting defense flower vases with baseball bats or setting harmless grass alight—and the . . . Continue reading →

Bringing In 2021 With the Presbycast

New Years Eve was noisy in Escondido but the fireworks really started when I joined Chortles Weakly (Brad Isbell) to help bring in 2021 with the Presbycast. We had fun with sound effects and general goofiness as our dogs both cowered (and . . . Continue reading →

With Presbycast In The Cantina On Common Grace, Nature And Grace, Eschatology, And Christian Liberty

The Presbycast guys are at it again, this time they have set up an online Star Wars Cantina. It is a rough neighborhood but they took good care of me and I escaped unhurt. I cannot speak for all the other guests . . . Continue reading →

After The Presents: Some Excellent Podcasts

First, there is a new podcast in the Presbycast network of podcasts: Presbygirls. It features Sarah Morris, member of of Westminster PCA, Roanoke, VA and the author of an excellent essay at Ref21, “Brothers, We Are Presbyterian Are We Not?” and Zoe . . . Continue reading →

An Overlooked Aspect Of The Story: PCA Influence On Acts 29 And Mars Hill

Regular readers of the Heidelblog and listeners of the Heidelcast will know that considerable time has been spent here analyzing and interacting with the podcast series produced by Christianity Today and hosted by Mike Cosper (see the resources below).