With Presbycast On Gospel, Grace, Antinomianism, FV, Moscow, And More

It is always fun to talk with the Presbycast guys. Tonight we talked about a wide range of issues. We started by discussing Chortles’s discovery of an online copy of the last number of Presbyterian and Reformed News from 2004. That issue is online here. It is a fascinating look at the state of the P&R world c. 2004 but but also a reminder that some issues seem perennial in modern P&R theology, e.g., The Federal Vision, ethical scandals in Moscow, ID and theonomy among others. Also appearing on the episode is the redoubtable Odd Deacon, KirkCicero, and the co-host, Wresbyterian. There may or may not have been some “slobber slanging” during this episode. There was laughter and even the requisite temporary technical difficulty. We got it worked out and pressed on.

Here is the episode in its native environment.

For future reference, just in case, here is the HB archive of the show.

Here is the HB media library.

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