With Presbycast On Same-Sex Attraction, Side B, And Concupiscence

We are in the midst of a large and important discussion, in the confessional Presbyterian and Reformed world, about nature, grace, sin, human sexuality, the doctrine of humanity (theological anthropology). The presenting issue, as the physicians say, is the claim that there are “Gay Christians” or the so-called “Side B” approach to the relations between same-sex attraction and Christianity. Most recently the discussion has turned to the question: is a same-sex attraction sinful in itself (per se) even before one acts upon the attraction? Is it SSA inherently concupiscent? These are some of the topics we took up on the latest episode of the Presbycast Podcast.

Here is the episode.

In case you’re reading this post sometime in the future and the original link is broken, here is the HB media archive version.

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