Trueman On Queer Imperialism

The anti-Western left has been exposed for its sexual imperialism over the last few months. Evidence is all around. American Muslims have led protests against the imposition of LGBTQ policies and curricula in schools, leaving American progressives uncomfortably caught between two pillars . . . Continue reading →

Sodom, Jude 7, Biases, And How To Interpret The Bible

On 20 September 2021, T. E. Bunch et al. published what became a hotly (pun intended) controverted article, which claimed to have found evidence of a “Tunguska sized airburst” over Tall el-Hammam, a Middle Bronze Age city in the Jordan Valley near . . . Continue reading →

How “Pride” Month Became a Religious Holiday

The month of June hadn’t even begun yet when Donald Trump became the first Republican president to express his support for LGBT Pride Month. On May 31, President Trump tweeted about celebrating LGBT Pride Month and how we should “recognize the outstanding contributions LGBT . . . Continue reading →

Activists Are Controlling Scientific Research

A significant social-science paper, co-authored by my casual friend Michael Bailey, Ph.D., a psychology professor at Northwestern, was just retracted by the prestigious Springer-network journal Archives of Sexual Behavior. It’s worth looking at exactly why this happened. …All right: enough wordplay. In reality, anyone . . . Continue reading →

Should We Curse God and Die?

As Christians in America, and especially the PCA, are still reeling and grieving with our brothers and sisters at Covenant Presbyterian Church and the Covenant School in Nashville, there is an understandable and appropriate righteous indignation that we have all felt welling . . . Continue reading →

Baylor Charters LGBTQ Organization

PRISM, an LGBTQ student organization, hosted an on-campus “Queer Sex Ed” event on Mar. 23 at Baylor, a Christian university in Waco, Tex. “Secret is out. See you tomorrow,” the flyer caption, posted to the group’s Instagram, reads. “You can still DM . . . Continue reading →

A Radical Truth Being Silenced: There Are Only Two Sexes

My immediate offense was a tweet criticizing child gender-reassignment surgery, an irreversible act that can permanently sterilize the patient. My criticism was strongly worded, because some things deserve to be strenuously opposed. Children who undergo gender-reassignment surgery are legally unable to consent . . . Continue reading →

How Autistic Traits Can Be Mistaken For Gender Dysphoria

In recent years there has been an exponential rise in the number of adolescents and young adults adopting transgender identities, stirring intense debate about its underlying causes. Mainstream discourse on this issue has centered on factors such as social influence, greater societal acceptance, and expanding . . . Continue reading →

A Tale of Two Student Protests

Student protests and threats to speakers are not a new thing. There were student strikes at the universities of Oxford and Paris in the thirteenth century. Martin Luther, arriving in Leipzig to debate John Eck in 1519, surrounded himself with an armed . . . Continue reading →

Revoice: Failed From The Start

In 2018, Wesley Hill published a report in First Things on a movement that claimed to be breaking new ground in the Christian discourse around faith and sexuality. It was the inaugural year of the Revoice conference, which billed itself as an . . . Continue reading →