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Prisha Mosley is a woman who spent years believing she was a man, receiving hormone therapy under the care of doctors and therapists whom she is now suing for damages. The lawsuit is being filed in her former home state of North Carolina, although she is now, like me, a Michigander. She spends much of her time traveling and advocating for gender detransitioners like herself. But she decided she wanted to do something in her own state. So last month, she told her followers she planned to picket the Lansing Planned Parenthood. Not everyone is aware that Planned Parenthood provides cross-sex hormonesto gender-confused young people, including teenagers age 16 or older. Prisha now understands too well what kind of irreversible havoc these hormones can wreak on the body. She went on testosterone at age 17. As an adult, she followed up with a double mastectomy, though she stopped short of the “bottom surgery” that would have created the illusion of male genitalia. Yet, as she’s bravely shared in detailed testimony, the testosterone alone caused permanent damage to her sex organs.

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Bethel McGrew | “What I Saw at the Planned Parenthood” | February 21, 2024


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