Rosaria Butterfield’s Alternative To Revoice

RESOURCES Audio Only of This Talk (Presbycast) Gay Christians? Rosaria Butterfield: Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert What The New Testament Says About SSA and More Gagnon On Revoice

Revoice, Nashville, And The Therapeutic Revolution

More than 50 years ago Philip Rieff alerted us to what has been called the “therapeutic revolution.” The West did not pay attention and now our broader culture is awash in therapeutic categories and rhetoric. Anyone, on most any university campus, who . . . Continue reading →

It Is Not Too Late To Register For The Conference

You know about Revoice but do you know about Rosaria? There is an alternative to Revoice and Rosaria Butterfield will be articulating that case, in conference, in Escondido on July 26, 7:00 PM in the Heritage Center at Calvin Christian School. The . . . Continue reading →

New HB Resource Page On LGBTQ And Revoice

In our never-ending quest to make the resources of the Heidelblog easily accessible we have created a new resource page devoted to LGBTQ issues, Revoice and so-called “Side-B” (Gay) Christianity. Here is the resource: Resources On LGBTQ And Revoice. The HB Resource Page contains . . . Continue reading →

Former Member Of PCA SJC Leaves PCA

…Over the past several years, I have been distressed at the downfall of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) and the rise of heresy within the body through the Federal Vision teaching and immorality through the same-sex attraction movement. I have raised . . . Continue reading →

Office Hours: With Jon Payne On Discipleship And Revoice

Office Hours Video

Our Lord Jesus called the church to make disciples (Matt 28:18–20) and he even ordained means by which we might become disciples and grow in our discipleship. The Apostles followed this pattern (Acts 2:42; Rom 10:14). Nevertheless, when we think about discipleship . . . Continue reading →

Payne: The PCA Is At A Crossroads

…Many of us are deeply concerned about the influence of Revoice doctrine upon our churches and surprised by the sympathy it has received from some in our ranks. Perhaps of even more concern is the growing ascendancy of critical theory and elements . . . Continue reading →

Jon Payne: The PCA Is In Trouble

A growing number of our ministers and churches are conforming to the world’s values, attitudes, and ideals, especially as it concerns homosexuality and the social gospel. The future doesn’t look good for the PCA. Frankly, the future looks pretty bad, and I’m . . . Continue reading →

Can The PCA’s “Big Tent” Hold?

Which Way Will The Moderates Swing?

Is the PCA’s big tent capacious enough for “gay Christian” officers and Revoice doctrine? Adherents of a certain type of “missionalism” might consider Revoice-style contextualization and accommodation to be absolutely essential; thus they would make room in the tent. Moderate evangelicals in . . . Continue reading →

From “Insofar As” To “Good Faith:” The Slope To The Mainline

Introduction There is what PCA RE Brad Isbell calls a “quiet crisis” in the PCA. PCA TE Jon Payne says “the future doesn’t look good for the PCA.” The presenting issue just now is so-called “Side B” or “Gay Christianity.” On this . . . Continue reading →

The Question Of The Hour In The PCA

The question of the hour is whether missional contextualization requires celibate gay/same-sex-attracted (SSA) “Side B” pastors. The supporters of (or tolerators of) Side B ministers and the novel doctrine that goes along with them would not say that mission-driven cultural accommodation (per . . . Continue reading →