Central Georgia Presbytery (PCA) Overtures GA To Assume Jurisdiction Of The Revoice Case

Whereas TE Greg Johnson has and continues to teach that Christians can be identified as homosexuals, and that those who experience same-sex temptations are not normally delivered from these, and are not normally changed in nature by the LORD; and

Whereas Memorial Presbyterian Church’s session promoted Revoice 2018, which propagates these doctrines; and

Whereas these doctrines are contrary to the clear teaching of scripture with regard to sanctification as taught in 1 Corinthians 6:9-11, which states that homosexual identity is past tense for believers; and

Whereas these doctrines are contrary to the Biblical doctrine of regeneration as taught in 2 Corinthians 5:17, which states that those who are in Christ are new creatures, and that the old is passed away; and

Whereas these doctrines are contrary to the Westminster Standards, specifically the Westminster Confession of Faith, Chapter 13, article 1, which states that the lusts of those who are regenerated and sanctified “are more and more weakened and mortified” and that those so regenerated are “more and more quickened and strengthened in all saving graces, to the practice of true holiness;” and

Whereas TE Greg Johnson and the session of Memorial Presbyterian Church, St. Louis, MO, were investigated by Missouri Presbytery with regard to possible theological error in these teachings, and specifically in regard to the promotion of the 2018 Revoice Conference and its positions on homosexuality which are contrary to the biblical, confessional doctrines as stated above; and

Whereas Missouri Presbytery found TE Greg Johnson and Memorial Presbyterian Church’s session guilty of no gross theological error (as published in its May 18, 2019 report); and

Whereas BCO 34-1 states that two presbyteries may request that General Assembly take up original jurisdiction of a case originally brought before another presbytery; and

Whereas RAO 11 specifies that these presbyteries make this request by means of Overture of the General Assembly; and

Whereas RAO 15-4 and 17-2 would require such an overtured case to be referred to the Standing Judicial Commission for action;

Therefore be it resolved that Central Georgia Presbytery requests that the 48th General Assembly assume original jurisdiction of the case of the investigation by Missouri Presbytery of Greg Johnson and the session of Memorial Presbyterian Church with regard to theological error and involvement in the 2018 Revoice Conference.

Adopted by Central Georgia Presbytery at its stated meeting, January 11, 2020

Attested by RE Robbin W. Morton, stated clerk

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  1. The Savannah River Presbytery has voted for this as well, although it doesn’t show up on the General Assembly site. I understand there may be a couple of more joining soon. I doubt mine will, but one can hope.

    It would be wonderful if you would take an excursus and write up something for Shepherds/Elders that brought the Scripture to bear on their roles in dealing with teachers that are clearly teaching false doctrine. It seems that, amongst Presbyterians at least, there is an enormous desire to not exercise their protective roles in deference to wanting to be winsome and well liked. So as a consequence to leave poor sinners to wallow in their false assurance when they should be challenged with the saving gospel. I fear that is the case with Rev. Johnson. I see lots on sodomy and sodomite desire as wrong, but nothing on why quiet Elders are a problem. You might be able to help a lot of folks if you bring your skills at Puritans, your own pastoring experience, as well as you academic/historical prowess. Plus I just think you have really great advice and insight and might be listened to.

    • I see lots on sodomy and sodomite desire as wrong, but nothing on why quiet Elders are a problem.

      Amen. Isn’t there a time for war and a time for peace? Aren’t there woes for leaders who say, “Peace!” when there is none?

  2. Looks great. They should have added Q139 of the WLC to this as well. Kevin DeYoung wisely gave a lecture about how what Revoice teaches goes against basic Reformation teaching on the nature of sin. That is a fundamental aspect of this discussion.

  3. This is great news, am I reading correct that another Presbytery still would need to take it up though for it to be enacted?

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