The NW Presbytery and Peter Leithart (1)

The doctrinal rubber meets the ecclesiastical road today. Pray.  Update. No word from Rev Stellman, but a comment on the post says that the majority report, support Pete Leithart was sustained. Update #2. The majority report arguing that Leithart’s views are within . . . Continue reading →

SJC of the PNP (PCA) Rules Leithart's Views Orthodox?

That’s all Presbyterian code for the Standing Judicial Committee of the Pacific Northwest Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in America. The news comes from Jason Stellman. The SJC had two reports before them concerning the doctrine taught by Peter Leithart, a minister . . . Continue reading →

Proposed by SJC Panel: Indict Leithart

A panel of two teaching elders (ministers) and two ruling elders (elders) has recommended to the full Standing Judicial Commission of the Presbyterian Church in America that the complaint against the Pacific NW Presbytery of the PCA, which refused to prosecute the . . . Continue reading →

The Struggle Against the FV on the Ground in the PCA (Updated)

The 2007 GA decision against the FV was just the first phase of the struggle. It was the air campaign but wars are won on the ground and the ground war over the Federal Vision seems to be heating up. Lane Keister . . . Continue reading →

PCA SJC Overturns PNW Presbytery: Indict Leithart

Jason Stellman wrote late last night that the Standing Judicial Commission of the PCA has upheld the minority in the Pacific NW Presbytery and has ruled that the Pacific NW Presbytery erred in not finding a “strong presumption of guilt” that the . . . Continue reading →

"Sectarians" v "Relevants" in the PCA and the Strategic Plan

“Nowhere has the disagreements between the “sectarians” and the “relevants” been more evident than in the discussions regarding the Regulative Principle of Worship, women in diaconal ministry, and the cultural mandate of the Church. The Metro New York Presbytery of the PCA, . . . Continue reading →

"Informed" or Reformed? A Sub-Text of the PCA Strategic Report?

Of course Reformed Christians want to be well informed but PCA church planter Martin Hedman has been writing some of the most thoughtful and incisive commentaries about the PCA strategic plan. Recently he commented, …it seems more and more that I am . . . Continue reading →

NW Georgia Presbytery (PCA) Denies Theistic Evolution and Intinction

(HT: Aquila Report) The Northwest Georgia Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) voted without objection on September 15, 2012 to adopt a “Declaration on the Special Creation of Adam and Eve for Presbytery.” Of the 14 particular churches, 8 sessions . . . Continue reading →

PCA Commission: There Should Be A Presumption of Guilt

The Standing Judicial Commission of the Presbyterian Church in America ruled that the Missouri Presbytery erred when it failed to find a strong presumption of guilt that [Teaching Elder] Jeffrey Meyers holds views contrary to the Westminster Standards (BCO 34-5) when it . . . Continue reading →