Missing Mandate And Better Metrics: Understanding the 2017 PCA General Assembly

By TE David W. Hall Midway Presbyterian Church, Powder Springs, Georgia If broad churchmen were looking for a mandate to increase female ordination in the PCA, based on a concessive study, that didn’t happen on this issue at this PCA Assembly. The . . . Continue reading →

A Question About Redeemer’s Multi-Site Model

In response to a December article in USA Today on multi-site churches, in which Redeemer Presbyterian (NYC) was featured, Tim Keller offered a brief clarification of Redeemer’s version of the multi-site model. As part of that explanation he articulated a premise that . . . Continue reading →

A Little More on Defining "Reformed"

Part 1 Part 2 In response to the “Who or What Gets to Define ‘Reformed’?” post and others like it, some have argued that if the definition of Reformed includes a certain (paedobaptist) view of Baptism then it should also include a . . . Continue reading →