Office Hours: Enforcing Law And Preaching Grace

Office Hours Video

The primary mission of Westminster Seminary California is to prepare men for pastoral ministry. That’s what they have been doing since 1980. They have more than 1100 graduates serving the Lord across the globe and here in the USA, most of whom . . . Continue reading →

The Next Big Church Thing

The following is a guest post by Dan Borvan. He is a DPhil candidate in Oxford University. He holds degrees from Westminster Seminary California and Oxford University. He is Under Care of the Midwest Presbytery of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. He lives . . . Continue reading →

Boston: Ministers Are Fishers Of Men

III. Ministers are fishers by office; they are catchers of the souls of men, sent “to open the eyes of the blind, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God,” Acts 26:18. Preachers of . . . Continue reading →

Office Hours: Ministry And Mission

What happens to WSC students after they graduate? Most of them go on to become pastors in confessional Presbyterian and Reformed congregations. Most of them spend the rest of their lives in faithful service to Christ, preaching the gospel, administering the sacraments, . . . Continue reading →

Law And Gospel In A Pastoral Context

DATHENUS: Just as this is very comforting, so it also is certain and true. For this is what Paul is teaching us with these similar words, namely, that “by the deeds of the law no flesh shall justified in his sight: for . . . Continue reading →

Resources On Fencing The Lord’s Table

Some HB readers have been discussing the question of fencing the Lord’s Table. Fencing is a figurative way of speaking. There aren’t literal fences in Reformed Churches. It’s a way to describe the Reformed attempt to apply Paul’s instruction in 1Corinthians 11:27–32. . . . Continue reading →

The Vulnerability Of Pastors In The Post-Christian World

Clergy are particularly vulnerable in these decades of decline, because the financial security and health of their families are hanging by a thread; and their reputation in the world is already smudged and prejudiced; the cross-sector colleagues who once defended them are . . . Continue reading →