Congratulations to WSC Grads Lenzner and VanderPol

Congratulations to Mark and Brad (and their patient wives) who sustained rigorous examinations as candidates for the pastoral ministry in Classis Southwest of the United Reformed Churches. Brad and Mark are both interns at Christ URC in Santee, CA. Brad has also . . . Continue reading →

Balancing Preaching with Other Aspects of Pastoral Ministry

Since I was critical of Tim’s appeal to triperspectivalism in his analysis of the relationship between Reformed Christianity and broad evangelicalism it seems fair to note where Tim says something that is more helpful. Today’s post on his new blog discusses how . . . Continue reading →

S. M. Baugh on Women in the Church

The issue of women’s ordination, and more generally women’s involvement in the church, is a modern issue which continues to generate numerous books, articles, and even supporting societies. The worst thing we in Reformed communions can do is ignore the issue simply . . . Continue reading →

Presbyterian Congregation Spends $1.8M on Organ

The AR has the story and a link to a news story. I understand that people love music. I understand that Christians are moved by instrumental music in worship. The question remains, however, does the Lord love instrumental music in new covenant . . . Continue reading →

Thoughts on the PCA’s Proposed Strategic Plan

Martin Hedman is a graduate of Westminster Seminary California and he’s a PCA church planter in the LA metro. He’s also had significant training as an “industrial engineer.” These, he says, are the “efficiency experts.” As a pastor, church planter, and a . . . Continue reading →

Using the Common to Advance the Sacred or Using the Sacred to Advance the Common?

One need not be a Christian to observe truths about the way organizations work. Those true observations are what I mean by “common” (not neutral). They are true because they are observations about the nature of God’s general process, even if they . . . Continue reading →

Office Hours: Hywel Jones on Preaching the Doctrine of Regeneration (You Need to Hear This)

Of course I always want you to listen and subscribe to Office Hours but I especially want you (and everyone) to hear this interview with the Rev Dr Hywel Jones on preaching the doctrine of regeneration to Christian congregations. We’re discussing Hywel’s . . . Continue reading →

The Impetrative Offer of the Gospel in Isaiah 55

“‘Come to me a you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest’ or ‘I will be your rest.’ How good are we at pleading with people? Do people get the impression from us not only that there is a feast but that God wants them there and that you want them there?” Continue reading →

If We Stand Still Long Enough

If we just stand still long enough, people will catch up. Norman (Nub) Hoeflinger, 1989.

HB Classic: So You’re About to Call a Pastor?

[First published on the HB in June 2007] This is a sensitive topic. People don’t always think rationally or biblically or confessionally about the office of pastor. Many folk don’t understand what ministers do and most people who are involved in the . . . Continue reading →

What An Early Presbyterian Learned From Moses

How Thomas Cartwright Interpreted Exodus 3

13 Then Moses said unto God, Behold, when I shall come unto the children of Israel, and shall say unto them, The God of your fathers hath sent me unto you: if they say unto me, What is his Name? what shall . . . Continue reading →