Letter and Spirit: Law and Gospel in Reformed Preaching

Preaching begins with Bible reading and interpretation. Before a minister can preach a given text, he must decide what it says. To interpret a passage, the preacher necessarily brings to bear his broader reading of Scripture, a system of doctrine, and the history of interpretation. Continue reading →

Review: The Labors of a Godly and Learned Divine, William Perkins: Including Previously Unpublished Sermons By Matthew N. Payne and J. Stephen Yuille

The English Reformed theologian William Perkins (1558–1602), is perhaps the most prominent and influential of all English-speaking divines. As preacher and lecturer at Great St. Andrews and Christ’s College, Cambridge, he “influenced a generation of young students including Richard Sibbes, John Cotton, . . . Continue reading →

Carl Trueman On Preaching On Sexual Ethics

According to new research by the Barna organization, nowhere are pastors feeling the pressure on this point more than on matters surrounding the ethics of sexuality and of reproduction… Yet more worrying than the specific examples cited by Barna is the more . . . Continue reading →

Preaching To Soil

Pearls should not be cast before swine. This has its truth, but kingdom preaching pays no attention to this. Instead, the preaching here in this parable is undiscriminating, wild, even promiscuous. The Word is scattered randomly. There is no strategy, programming or . . . Continue reading →