Plagiarism Is Not The Only Kind Of Fake Preaching

As the Southern Baptist Convention has been rocked with controversy over plagiarism, it’s easy to think that the extent of the problem is merely repeating someone else’s words. There is another aspect to plagiarism that often gets overlooked: Pulpiteering. Philip Doddridge in . . . Continue reading →

Advice To Young Preachers

Time was that church historians also taught church polity and what is sometimes called pastoral theology. This was, I suppose, because we used to recognize that the study of the history of the practice of the church gives a certain insight into . . . Continue reading →

What The Reformed Can Learn From A 1532 Synod: Preach Christ

God at all times has tied, as it were, the knowledge of Himself to certain suitable actions and signs, and these figures, shadows and types all point to Christ Jesus. Appearing in these last days, He has finished His course in the . . . Continue reading →

What Preaching Christ From All Of Scripture Does And Does Not Mean

In recent days there has been considerable discussion about what it means to speak of “preaching Christ from all of Scripture.” Some object to this way of speaking and this approach to Bible interpretation on the grounds that it does violence to . . . Continue reading →

Pastor: A Plea For The Gospel

The gospel really does become again a strange announcement, totally unexpected to fallen ears—especially when sermons are caught between “evangelical” encouragement and culture wars bellicosity. Anonymous, 2017.

Preaching As For The Free

One of the privileges of editing the Classic Reformed Theology series for Reformation Heritage Books is that I get to work closely with significant Reformed texts and shepherd them through the process from translation (e.g., from Latin to English) to publication. Currently . . . Continue reading →

Heidelberg 84: The Indispensability Of Preaching

In evangelical Christianity, to some degree after the so-called First Great Awakening and certainly after the so-called Second Great Awakening, the line between lay witness and the official (done from a particular ecclesiastical office) of preaching became blurred. The Reformed theologians who . . . Continue reading →

Office Hours: Wisdom In Preaching

Office Hours

Our Lord Jesus worked miracles but he was also a preacher. He came “preaching the Gospel of God and saying ‘The time is fulfilled,’ and ‘Kingdom of God is at hand, repent and believe the gospel’” (Mark 1:15). People marveled at his . . . Continue reading →

Office Hours: Ministry And Mission

What happens to WSC students after they graduate? Most of them go on to become pastors in confessional Presbyterian and Reformed congregations. Most of them spend the rest of their lives in faithful service to Christ, preaching the gospel, administering the sacraments, . . . Continue reading →