Perkins: To Follow Paul We Must Preach Christ

The third point is the end of Paul’s conversion, in these words: “that he might preach him among the Gentiles.” [Gal. 1:16] Here I consider what he must preach, namely the Son, Christ. And to whom? Namely, among the nations. Again of the preaching of Christ, I consider two things. The first is, why Christ must be preached rather than Moses? Answer. There be two causes. One is because Christ is the substance or subject matter of the whole Bible. For the sum of the Scriptures may be thus gathered together. The Son of God, made man and working our redemption, is the Savior of mankind; but Jesus the Son of Mary is the Son of God, made man, working our redemption. Therefore Jesus the Son of Mary is the Savior of mankind. The major is the sum of the Old Testament. The minor is the sum of the New. And the conclusion is the scope of both. The second cause is the law is the ministry of death. And the gospel (which is the doctrine of salvation by the Son) is the instrument of God to begin and to confirm all graces of God in us that are necessary to our salvation. Therefore the doctrine principally to be preached is the gospel and not the law.

William Perkins | The Works of William Perkins, ed. Paul M. Smalley, Joel R. Beeke, and Derek W. H. Thomas, vol. 2 (Grand Rapids, MI: Reformation Heritage Books, 2015), 58.


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