Preaching As For The Free

One of the privileges of editing the Classic Reformed Theology series for Reformation Heritage Books is that I get to work closely with significant Reformed texts and shepherd them through the process from translation (e.g., from Latin to English) to publication. Currently . . . Continue reading →

Office Hours: Wisdom In Preaching

Office Hours

Our Lord Jesus worked miracles but he was also a preacher. He came “preaching the Gospel of God and saying ‘The time is fulfilled,’ and ‘Kingdom of God is at hand, repent and believe the gospel’” (Mark 1:15). People marveled at his . . . Continue reading →

Sometimes A Miracle Is Just A Miracle

When it comes to Mary’s Magnificat, I find that I cannot take away the messages often proffered. Both the mode and content of her revelation will never be afforded me in any sense whatsoever. God will never speak directly to me, and . . . Continue reading →

What Is True Faith? (9) Its Gospel Agency

In part 8 we saw that the source of true faith is the sovereign, powerful, re-creating work of the Holy Spirit. Ordinarily, however, he works through what the classic Reformed writers, including Calvin, and the Reformed churches call “the means of grace” . . . Continue reading →

Beza On The First Use Of The Law

There then is the first use of the preaching of the law; to make known our innumerable faults so that in ourselves we begin to be miserable and greatly humble ourselves; in short, to beget in us the first degree of repentance . . . Continue reading →