Just Say NO to "Golawspel"

Brian Cochran has a helpful post on this. Thanks to Kim for the term “Golawspel.” There’s a lot of that going around these days.

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  1. Thank you, Dr. Clark, for this post and link.

    There is also a new blog (with which I am not involved, by the way) that is dedicated to dealing with the same kind of issues that Mr. Cochran does in his post. One of the threads on this new site is likwise dedicated to examining Ursinis’ commentary, and bringing out the obvious and indeed explicit LG distinction that is such an itegral part of the HC. Those who might be interested, can check it out here:


  2. Excellent explanation! The gratitude of the Christian, of couse, is motivated and produced by the Gospel. Cf. Ro 12:1-2

  3. Indeed there is a lot of this going around these days. I sat through a sermon last week in which the external legalism of the Pharisees was criticized… only to conclude with the take-home message that to please God we should be truly merciful and loving (and for good measure, read our Bibles more). I am still wondering where the gospel was in this. Our churches desperately need an understanding of Law and Gospel.

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