Audio: Eric Alexander: A Life in the Preaching Ministry

I took the Sprinter to the second service yesterday and walked a good bit from the station to the service. Along the way I enjoyed two interviews on CTC. The first was a stimulating discussion of textual criticism with Dan Wallace (well, I found it stimulating)  and the second was a moving and inspiring interview with the Rev. Mr. Eric Alexander. If you’re not familiar with Eric’s preaching and ministry. Here is a great introduction.

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      • He’d be horrified at the thought of guys like me feeling that. He was just so unassuming, obviously humble and loving. It made me realise how far I’d to go to be even less than half the man Alexander is, never mind Christ!

        Mind you, contrary to what much of evanglicalism teaches, I believe such self-loathing can in part be tied to the work of the Spirit.

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