How to React to Homosexuals in the Congregation?

The question was raised on the PB how a congregation ought to respond to practicing homosexuals who are visiting a congregation regularly. Here’s a slightly revised version of my initial answer. First, praise God that they are in the congregation where, one trusts, . . . Continue reading →

Which Has Priority: Private Devotion or Public Worship?

This question arises on the PB. I reply: Well, as I argue in RRC, there’s a strong case to be made from Scripture and the confession (defined broadly and narrowly) that, in Reformed theology, the public “means of grace” (the “due use . . . Continue reading →

Calvin’s Short Treatise on the Lord’s Supper (1541; pt 1)

Given some of the discussions that have taken place recently on the HB on the topic of the Lord’s Supper I thought it would be helpful to post Calvin’s Short Treatise (Petit traicté de la saincte cène; 1541) in a series of . . . Continue reading →

Calvin’s Short Treatise on the Lord’s Supper (1541; Pt 2)

Part one. 7. The Means of Knowing the Great Benefit of the Supper It is now time to come to the second point, viz., to show how the Lord’s Supper is profitable to us, provided we use it profitably. Now we shall know its . . . Continue reading →

Calvin’s Short Treatise on the Lord’s Supper (1541; Pt 8)

Part 7 49. The Ceremonies of the Ancient Law, Why Appointed—Those of the Papists Censurable It is true, indeed, that the sacrifices under the O1d Testament were performed with many ornaments and ceremonies, but because there was a good meaning under them, . . . Continue reading →

When the Borderline and Sideline Converge: Sunday Evenings

Conservative sideline Presbyterian and Reformed folk like to think of themselves as distinctly different from the liberal mainline Presbyterians and even borderline denominations such as the Christian Reformed Church but the Christian Century (HT: Aquila Report) describes a study done in the . . . Continue reading →