Heidelcast 34: Jesus On A Pizza

Alleged manifestations of our Lord have been claimed for a long time since the close of the apostolic period. It is even more common for artists to represent what they imagine his likeness to have been in paintings. So widely accepted are such representations in Christian households that many don’t even question the propriety of such a thing. When Jesus was first portrayed on film in the 1920s Christians were scandalized. Now Christians produce films as a means of evangelism. In this episode we listen to and interact with a segment from a broadcast by Chicago radio personality Steve Dahl as he and the crew talk about an alleged manifestation of Jesus on a pizza in Melbourne, Australia in 2011.

Here’s the episode:

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  1. The first time I heard this episode, I thought of a classic bit from “The Tonight Show” starring Johnny Carson. (Oh, how we miss Johnny!) His guest was a proverbial “little old lady” who brought her prized collection of potato chips shaped like flowers, animals, famous people, etc. She was beaming with pride at her discoveries, the hard work of many years. At one point during the conversation, Johnny deftly reached behind the desk, produced a potato chip, popped it into his mouth, and bit down with a large “Crunch!” The dear lady looked like she would go into cardiac arrest. Johnny quickly showed the ordinary bag of chips he had dipped into. Needless to say, there was side-splitting laughter all around (except from the little old lady, of course).

    How tragic it would have been if someone had eaten the pizza before making The Great Discovery. Another spiritual treasure lost to the world.

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