Heidelcast 119: I Will Be A God To You And To Your Children (14)

This series has really been about how to interpret Scripture.  Christians study the same Bible, but we often read it differently. Sometimes we begin with different assumptions about the nature of things and authority. These different methods and starting points lead to different conclusions. True Bible study requires comparing Scripture with Scripture and especially comparing clearer passages with those which are less clear. In this case, that means allowing the New Testament not only to interpret specific Old Testament passages but also allowing the NT to teach us how to interpret the OT.  In this series I have been making the case for a particular was of reading and understanding the history of redemption.

Here are the episodes in this series.

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Don’t forget to call the Heidelphone at (760) 618–1563. Leave a message and we may use it in a future broadcast. We’re working on episode 15 of the series, I Will Be A God To And To Your Children on covenant theology and baptism. This will be a call-in show for those who have listened to the series and who have questions or who want clarification.

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