Covenant Theology & Infant Baptism

As evangelical Christians continue to come into contact with historic Reformed writers and the Reformed confessions they often they notice some significant discrepancies between what they have known and believed, what is being presented as “Reformed,” and what they are reading in older sources. Covenant theology and baptism are two of the focal points in such discussions. What readers are discovering is that there are competing covenant theologies and competing ways of understanding the history of redemption and of interpreting Scripture that both claim to be Reformed.

Below are some resources written to help readers to cross the bridge from modern evangelical theology, piety, and practice to classical, confessional Reformed theology, piety, and practice. My advice is to read these free, online resources in the order presented. The actual discussion baptism comes toward the end last because one’s understanding of baptism is really the product of a number of other assumptions and conclusions that one has already drawn about the nature of the history of redemption and about how the Bible is to be read and interpreted.

  1. On the New Covenant
  2. Is There A Covenant Of Grace?
  3. What Is The Substance Of The Covenant Of Grace?
  4. Tracing the Paradigm Shift
  5. Three Ways Of Relating To One Covenant Of Grace
  6. Moses Was Not Abraham
  7. Abraham, Moses, and Circumcision
  8. Circumcision And Baptism
  9. True Circumcision Was Always Spiritual
  10. Baptism and the Benefits of Christ
  11. Does Baptism Save?
  12. Untangling Webs of Assumptions About Baptism
  13. A Contemporary Reformed Defense Of Infant Baptism
  14. Seed, Seeds, and Infant Baptism
  15. What’s the Use Of Infant Baptism?
  16. What Advantage Has The Jew? Much In Every Way
  17. Household Baptisms In Acts
  18. Video: Why Baptize Infants
  19. Heidelcast Series: I Will Be A God To You And to Your Children