Heidelcast 64: Nomism And Antinomianism (7)

The nomist wants to know whether the works he did before coming to faith are of any value. He asks, “why then, sir, it would seem that all my seeking to please God by my good works, all my strict walking according to the law, and all my honest course of life, has rather done me hurt than good?” The nomist thinks that if he does enough good works then God must be pleased with him because, after all, he thinks, what God really wants from us is good works. So, if that is true, what does it matter if I do them before I am in a state of grace or after? In order to understand how we should think about good works we need to get some things in their right order. Do our good works somehow increase God’s approval? If we don’t do enough, does he love us less?

Here’s episode 64:

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