Heidelcast 89: God’s Holy Law (12)—The Eighth Commandment

The 8th commandment says: “You shall not steal”
We are, by and large, a wealthy people. There is no sin in that, but there are dangers in wealth. A recent study has shown that even as the world measures happiness, the wealthy report being less happy than those are not defined as wealthy. Of course we didn’t need a sociologist to tell us that. We’ve known that for a long time. The discontent which many report leads to more than just time on the psychiatrist’s couch, it leads some of us to take matters—other people’s matters—into our own hands. We steal because we’re greedy, because we’re lazy, because we’re fearful that God won’t provide and/or because we’re discontent with God’s providence. Our culture may no longer view theft as a sin but Scripture still does. It speaks clearly about theft. It classifies it with other gross sins (e.g., sexual immorality). It also teaches us the alternative to theft.

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