Perkins On The Abrogation Of The Law

…how far forth the law is abrogated? Answer. The law is threefold: moral, ceremonial, judicial. Moral is the law of God concerning manners or duties to God and man. Now the moral law is abrogated in respect of the church and them . . . Continue reading →

Perkins On The First Use

When Paul says [in Gal. 3:22], “We are all shut up under sin,” he puts us in mind of our most miserable condition that we are captives of sin and Satan, enclosed in our sins as in a prison, like imprisoned malefactors . . . Continue reading →

What Luther Actually Said About The Moral Law

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that Christians are people who never sin or feel sinful. Rather, because of their faith in Christ, God simply doesn’t attribute their sin to them. This teaching is comforting to those who have terrified consciences. For . . . Continue reading →

Luther Versus The Antinomians

Is there a need in the Christian life for the preaching of the Law? Should pastors proclaim the Law, such as the demands of the Decalogue, from the pulpit in the Christian congregation? Does the Law play a role in the Christian’s . . . Continue reading →

Heidelminicast: Irenaeus on the Abiding Validity Of the Moral Law


These are some of our favorite Heidelquotes. Something to think about from the Heidelcast. If you are subscribed to the Heidelcast or the Heidelblog (see below) you will receive these episodes automatically. All the Episodes of the Heidelcast How To Subscribe To Heidelmedia . . . Continue reading →