Just In Time For The Annual Temptation To Skip The Christian Sabbath: Updated Resource Page

The pressure to slouch toward Las Vegas is strong this year. Super Bowl parties abound. Who wants to be the odd ball who declines the invitation? Christians are strangers and aliens (1 Pet 2:11; Heb 11:10).

We have every reason to resist the siren song of the Super Bowl.

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  1. What’s even worse is that “some” congregations say, “we’re gonna have a SuperBowl party over here (in our church/fellowship hall/common area/you name it) and y’all come!”

    • Growing up in the SBC in the 70’s and 80’s, we had “Souper Bowl Sunday” on which day your faith was measured by whether you would come to the night service for a potluck of various soups after the sermon instead of staying home for the actual Super Bowl. For several weeks leading up to this, each family in the church had a plastic container shaped like a bowl of rice that they would use to collect coins to be sent to the Lottie Moon foundation (If I recall correctly) after being dutifully presented during “Training Union” classes before that evening service.

      I believe today’s equivalent is the “Trunk or Treat” alternative churches now sponsor in their parking lots, so their member children do not have to actually interact with their evil neighbors to get candy. Actually, it’s probably more because kids are so fat and out of shape that they don’t want them to have to actually walk a block or two from home to get free candy.

  2. Piety or Party…YOU decide!

    A dear, faithful (PCA adult Sunday-school teacher) friend told me he couldn’t NOT go to the party: It’s long been a lauded annual event; his absence would be glaring; and oh boy, the food is GREAT. And besides, the game itself is secondary…the focus is on fellowship, not fumbles.

    And there’s absolutely ZERO interest in Taylor Swift.

  3. As a former 3 & 4 sport athlete thru High School and most of college (all as an unsaved fool!), I’ve continued to study His Most Holy Word AND the Great and Prolific Puritan and current very xlnt Christian books and writings and I praise our Lord indeed for this!
    I watch NO sports or even listen to them now since the mid 90s. Not trying to brag in all sincerity, yet I found out long, long ago that I need not AND shall not follow all this worldliness, as well as so much else! I’m still catching up since being Saved, Sealed, and Sanctifying of our Great and Mighty God! Now I have time still to ‘catch up’ on the Greats like Calvin’s Institutes; Augustine’s City of God; Owens The Death of the Death of the Death of Christ, etc,!) Thank you Jesus!✝️📖🛐😊👍 (Oh, yet I DO confess to checking out Baseball scores daily when in season!(⚾️😳🤔). GO CUBS! America’s Team!)😊


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