A Index In The Culture Of Death

Much of the Congressional support for the 1993 NIH revitalization act was premised on the idea that the ban on buying or selling fetal tissue would be a safeguard against the development for a market for human fetuses. Tragically, the executive branch . . . Continue reading →

Turretin On The Covenant Of Nature (2)

II. By the state of innocence, we mean the first condition of man created after the image of God in internal goodness and external happiness. As it abounded in all goods (of the body as well as of the soul) necessary for . . . Continue reading →

The Irony Of The Myth Of Influence

For a long time, I have felt that the cause of biblical Christianity has been undermined in our time by sincere people who engage in unbiblical activities for the sake of being an influence. The sad and ironic result of those actions . . . Continue reading →

Turretin On The Covenant Of Nature (1)

First Question What was the liberty of Adam in his state of innocence? I. Since man can be viewed in a fourfold state—the instituted (instituto) of nature, the destitute (destituto) of sin, the restored (restituto) of grace and the appointed (praestituto) of . . . Continue reading →

Reasoned Discourse: The University’s Birthright

A university has sold its birthright for a mess of pottage when it surrenders its role as a facilitator of reasoned discourse to gain acceptance from an angry mob who happen to be expressing the campus culture’s currently popular “cause du jour.” . . . Continue reading →

Office Hours: Godfrey On Luther (2)

Office Hours Video

At the turn of the 21st century there was a great deal of discussion about who were the most important figures in the last 1000 years. In 2017 we will celebrate the life and significance of one of those epochal figures: Martin . . . Continue reading →