Resources for Reformed Approaches to Natural Law

I get occasional queries about theonomy, reconstructionism, and alternatives to the same. The folks at Covenant OPC (Abilene, TX ) have put together a terrific page of resources on the Reformed approach to natural law. Here’s an essay I did several years . . . Continue reading →

So What is this 2 Kingdoms Stuff About Anyway and Why Does it Matter?

David VanDrunen explained it very well and clearly during his inaugural address yesterday at WSC. In the photo to the left, Bob Strimple, whom David is succeeding as the Robert B. Strimple Professor of Systematic Theology and Christian Ethics, gives a powerful . . . Continue reading →

How the Two Kingdoms Doctrine Could Have Prevented ECT

From the beginning it was apparent that the cart driving the theological horse in the Evangelicals and Catholics Together (ECT) negotiations (which continue!) is the pressure to form a “common front” against neo-paganism, secularism, materialism, and other forms of fallout from late . . . Continue reading →

Pastor Wright, Evangelicals, and the Two Kingdoms

Jeremiah Wright is the former pastor of Trinity UCC in Chicago. Where, in evangelical mega-church circles, 10,000 members is a medium-sized congregation, in the world of dwindling mainline churches, Trinity is a bona fide mega-church. Pastor Wright’s recent comments, however, illustrate another . . . Continue reading →

Flash: Reformed Writer Uses Two Kingdoms

I’m working an essay on the history of covenant theology for a collection edited by Herman Selderhuis to be published by Brill in 2009. I just ran across something that I should have noticed, thought about or remembered years ago but didn’t. . . . Continue reading →

"Two Kingdoms" circa 115-50?

A notable early Christian apologist didn’t get the transformationalist memo. Ep. to Diognetus (5.1-11): For Christians are not distinguished from the rest of humanity by country, language, or custom. 2 For nowhere do they live in cities of their own, nor do . . . Continue reading →

White Horse Inn: Christianity, Politics, and the Two Kingdoms

Mike hosted an excellent roundtable discussion featuring Darryl Hart, adjunct professor at WSC and Director of Academic Programs at ISI, Dan Bryant, former Assistant Attorney General for the Department of Justice, and Neil McBride, a strategist for the Democratic Party. This is . . . Continue reading →