White Horse Inn: Christianity, Politics, and the Two Kingdoms

Mike hosted an excellent roundtable discussion featuring Darryl Hart, adjunct professor at WSC and Director of Academic Programs at ISI, Dan Bryant, former Assistant Attorney General for the Department of Justice, and Neil McBride, a strategist for the Democratic Party. This is a very good, short-form introduction to the two kingdoms.

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  1. Good show.

    I know where they dug up Darryl, but how’d they find a Dem and former AG who were that conversant with two-kingdoms? I could use the WHI producers to help me comb the beach for gold. I also have some haystacks that need needling.

  2. I too was very impressed at the quality of the discussion, and also at the fact they were able to involve two people from opposing political viewpoints yet who agreed on the theology and were able to keep themselves to discussing that theology, with clarity on what it does say as well as what it doesn’t.

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