Nature Is Nature (And Cloud Cuckoo Land Is Just That)

In 1996, the United States Senate passed and President Bill Clinton signed into law the “Defense of Marriage Act” (DOMA). The bill said, No State, territory, or possession of the United States, or Indian tribe, shall be required to give effect to . . . Continue reading →

What Can We Do With Natural Law?

The two principal reasons the Heidelblog exists (and its parent organization, the Heidelberg Reformation Association) are, first, to encourage Reformed confessing Christians to recover their confession, i.e., both the confessional documents but also the broader and classic Reformed theology, piety, and practice, . . . Continue reading →

Lamenting Christendom

What difference should the visible church make in the broader culture? How significant should it be? How one answers this question tells us something about how one views the relations between Christ and culture and the evident death of Christendom. Defining Christendom . . . Continue reading →

Heidelcast 222: A Question & Answer Cornucopia


In this episode Dr Clark answers Heidelcalls, texts, and mails with questions, questions, and more questions from 1) Aaron about “covenant renewal worship” (is this a “federal vision” thing or may orthodox Reformed Christians talk this way?); 2) Ritchie (from Ireland) about . . . Continue reading →

Straight Talk About Homophobia

In just a few short years the noun Homophobia has become one of the most powerful words in the English language. It has an interesting, if brief, history. It was derived from the combination of two Greek loan words brought into English, . . . Continue reading →

Two Millennia Of Western History To The Michigan AG: Yes, Please Enforce The Second Table Of The Decalogue

Until Very Recently We All Expected The Magistrate To Enforce The Second Table Of The Decalogue

…All of the items Plutarch mentions—adultery not least—are scourges that undercut the very fabric of society. It is a sad fact that some dads don’t know this, or don’t care; it is positively shocking that Michigan’s attorney general seems not to, either. . . . Continue reading →

Does The Twofold Kingdom License Antinomianism Etc?

We are in the midst of a tempest in a teapot regarding the contemporary, post-theocratic appropriation of Calvin’s distinction between the sacred and the secular, which is called God’s “twofold government” of the world. Continue reading

The Law Of Christ Is The Moral Law

In his provocative March (2020) essay, Matt Smethurst asked “Why Don’t Christians Keep the Jewish Law?” He reminds us that the “Bible is a thoroughly Jewish document,” a note that has been regularly (and properly) sounded in modern biblical studies. From this premise, he asks the provocative question before us. He notes that “God’s people kept it for centuries in the Old Testament. What happened?” He answers by observing that Jesus, the Jewish Messiah and the Son of God kept and completed “the law of God in his people’s place. Jesus embodied in himself everything the law demanded.” Smethurst recognizes two functions of the “Jewish law:”  “God designed the law both to instruct and guide his people and also to expose their sin and need for a Savior.” In the magisterial Protestant traditions we have spoken of these as the normative (third use) and the pedagogical use. Historically there was also a “civil use,” the function of which, according to Louis Berkhof, is to restrain sin and to serve “the purposes of God’s common grace in the world at large.” According to Smethurst, the “Jewish law” is a signpost that is no longer needed now that the “new covenant and new age ushered in by a new king” has arrived. As he puts it, “The signage of the law, therefore, can be taken down. It served its purpose.” Continue reading →

New Resource Page: Natural Law

The Reformed theologians and churches have held, taught, and confessed the existence of natural law since the earliest days of the Reformed Reformation in the 1520s. If all one knows, however, of Reformed theology is 20th century (or 21st-century) Reformed theology, one . . . Continue reading →

Dickson: Theonomy Is An Error

Quest. IV. Did the Lord by Moses give to the Jews, as a Body Politick, sundry Judicial Laws, which expired together with their state? Yes. Do they oblige any other now, further than the general equity thereof may require. No. Exod. 21. . . . Continue reading →