It’s Here: CALVINIST—The Movie

It’s available in DVD, BluRay, and digital on-demand. My BluRay copy arrived in the mail today. It goes on sale October 2. Here’s my blurb: It has been a little more than a decade since Collin Hansen called attention to the Young, . . . Continue reading →

A New Reformed Podcast: Jerusalem Chamber

Shawn Anderson, Kyle Borg, Nathan Eshelman, and Joel Wood are Reformed ministers in the RPCNA. They have a new podcast, The Jerusalem Chamber. The name is a reference to the room in which much of the work was done to draft the . . . Continue reading →

A New Online Resource For Bible Study

Travis Fentiman wrote to let me know about a resource site he has compiled which is built on Spurgeon’s recommended list of commentaries and upon resources such as the Post-Reformation Digital Library (PRDL). It is a gateway to older, online biblical commentaries. . . . Continue reading →

Calvin Birthday 2016: Resources For Understanding Calvin

John Calvin was born on this date, 10 July 1509. He died in 1564. He was author of many volumes (including a massive Bible commentary, hundreds of personal letters, and public treatises), most famous of which is his Institutes of the Christian . . . Continue reading →

A Curriculum For Those Wrestling Through Covenant Theology And Infant Baptism

As evangelical Christians continue to come into contact with historic Reformed writers and the Reformed confessions they often they notice some significant discrepancies between what they have known and believed, what is being presented as “Reformed,” and what they are reading in . . . Continue reading →

Confessional Resources For 2016

Thanks to Reuben Settergren for setting up and maintaining these sites. The Daily Confession site takes you through the Westminster Shorter Catechism, the Children’s Catechism, The Heidelberg Catechism, The Westminster Confession, The Canons of Dort, and the Belgic Confession through the year. . . . Continue reading →

Resources On Prayer

D. C. McAllister’s excellent essay in The Federalist this morning and a question from regular HB reader Clinton suggests that a resource post on prayer might be helpful: Audio: The Role of Prayer in Sanctification Audio: The Pilgrim’s Prayer (1) Audio: The . . . Continue reading →

Resources On Conditions In The Covenant Of Grace (Updated)

Some thoughts relative to the current discussion about the nature of conditions in the covenant of grace: First, we cannot get this right unless we distinguish between the covenant of works and the covenant of grace. Part of the problem in this . . . Continue reading →

Graphic Calvin

I get books in my mailbox regularly and it’s usually because someone wants me to say something about it on the HB. Today I received this in my mailbox and thought that you would want to know about it. It’s an illustrated life of . . . Continue reading →

Being “Nicea” And Leaving Church

Two recent podcast episodes that I found helpful on two topics about which I’ve been giving some thought: millennials and niceness. The first is Theology You Should Know with my friends Jared Beaird and Dan Borvan. Both have written for the HB. . . . Continue reading →