Scot McKnight and the "Neo-Reformed"

The reaction of the evangelical latitudinarians against the Young, Restless, and Reformed guys continues. Scot McKnight has been blogging about his blurb for N. T. Wright’s latest book. Justin Taylor has responded. This has been a topic on the HB before.  One . . . Continue reading →

More on Scot McKnight's Critique of the Neo-Reformed

The i-Monk has weighed in. He writes: No, Scot is right, and it didn’t take a seminary professor to see it. Dress codes. Young earth creationism. Gothardite approaches to rules. Authoritarianism. Movies are evil and away we go. Find me a Rook . . . Continue reading →

Don't Stand There in the Entry, Come on In!

Kevin DeYoung, on of the authors of a terrific book on the emergent/emerging movements has a blog and he writes today about a conference just held at his congregation with Collin Hansen. He makes a couple of points to which I want . . . Continue reading →

Calvinism Old and "New"

In response to the recent TIME magazine piece on the YRR, Mark Driscoll published a piece on the Resurgence contrasting the “new” Calvinists with the “old” Calvinists. It was followed up by a piece with a kinder, gentler treatment of the tired, . . . Continue reading →

The Trouble with TULIPS

When the young neo-Evangelicals, Billy Graham, Carl F. H. Henry, & co. established Christianity Today in 1956 they did so to offer an alternative to the more liberal Christian Century magazine. In its early years there was a strong confessionally Reformed presence . . . Continue reading →

The Fork in the Road for the "New Calvinists"

Thanks to Darryl Hart for pointing us to this challenging essay by Dale Coulter, who self identifies as a “Classical Pentecostal” in the holiness tradition. He writes on the official blog of the Regent University School of Divinity. He favors the Edwardsean . . . Continue reading →

Of Militants and Moderates

Darryl Hart (as always) has a provocative (in the best sense) post today at Old Life. His use of the categories “militants” and “moderates” is very useful and helpful. To anticipate a criticism, yes, Reformed people can sometimes be jerks. Neither Darryl . . . Continue reading →

Collin Hansen on Evangelical "Self-Inflicted Amnesia"

Sometimes younger Christians give the impression that we have things figured out. We’re the future. We’ve found the old methods wanting, so we’ve developed new ones. We’re the generation that will strike the right balance where our forebears fell over to one . . . Continue reading →

Joel’s Not So Bad After All?

Mark Driscoll on Joel Osteen

UPDATED 14:02 5 Feb 2013 So says YRR (Young, Restless, and Reformed) leader Mark Driscoll in an interview (regarding his forthcoming book) published by the TGC: Q: You observe that “appreciated people” exchange grumbling for praying, competing for celebrating, bitterness for thankfulness, . . . Continue reading →

Narcissus Lives!

Narcissus is a mythological story about a young man who became so fascinated with his own reflection it cost him his life. Narcissism is a psychological disorder that confuses subjective experience for objective reality. In Recovering the Reformed Confession I described the . . . Continue reading →

Young, Restless, And New School

All of this is to say that the New Calvinism looks a lot like the old New School Presbyterianism with a Baptist and charismatic flair to it. Piper chose not to deal with this issue between the Old and the New just . . . Continue reading →

Don’t Just Stand There. Come On In!

Kevin DeYoung writes about a conference just held at his congregation with Collin Hansen. He makes a couple of points to which I want to respond. As a minister who has spent a fair bit of time calling people to Christ and . . . Continue reading →


What needs to be very clear is that the current by-laws of Mars Hill Church do not give the elders the authority to examine these charges. The Board of Advisors and Accountability is in charge of convening a group of overseers to . . . Continue reading →