What needs to be very clear is that the current by-laws of Mars Hill Church do not give the elders the authority to examine these charges. The Board of Advisors and Accountability is in charge of convening a group of overseers to do that. The current elders do not have the ability to vote on Mark Driscoll’s status at the church.

—Warren Throckmorton, “Announcement: Mark Driscoll Will Take At Least Six Weeks Off (UPDATED) (AUDIO)

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  1. You have to read the fine print…also known as church bylaws. In many larger churches one of the first things a new pastor will do is revise the bylaws to “make things run more smoothly” they never add the important words “for me.”

  2. It’s wonderful to see how they love and fear the Lord of 2 Corinthians 4:2, isn’t it! What about us, all of us, pewfodder as well as pastors? What will the Lord say to US on that day?

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