Office Hours: Calvin And Reformed Ministry In Geneva

Office HoursFew figures haunt the history and imagination of the West like John Calvin. In 2009 Geneva celebrated the 500th anniversary of his birth and yet late modern Europeans were clearly uncomfortable celebrating a figure whom they regarded as backward and unenlightened. Yet, the Calvin and Geneva we think we know is more the product of our imaginations, sixteenth-century slanders, and Enlightenment-influenced myth than the Calvin and Geneva of history. Scott Manetsch is Professor of Church History at Trinity Evangelical Divinity school, where he’s taught since 2000. He’s a leading scholar of Geneva, Calvin, and Theodore Beza and he was on campus last Spring to talk with our students about pastoral ministry and what we can learn from Calvin, Beza, and the Reformation of theology, piety, and practice in Geneva. Here are the lectures he gave last March.

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