Don't Stand There in the Entry, Come on In!

Kevin DeYoung, on of the authors of a terrific book on the emergent/emerging movements has a blog and he writes today about a conference just held at his congregation with Collin Hansen. He makes a couple of points to which I want . . . Continue reading →

Congratulations Are In Order

To Kevin DeYoung, who writes at the Gospel Coalition (with Justin Taylor, Tullian Tchividjian, Mike Pohlman and others) to Darryl Hart, who writes Old Life, and to Nick Batzig (and the guys), who writes at Feeding on Christ, for making a couple Zondervan’s . . . Continue reading →

Is John Piper Reformed? Or Holding The Coalition Together (Updated)

This morning my friend Kevin DeYoung (listen to the Office Hours interview with Kevin here) makes some arguments in defense of a broader definition of the adjective Reformed. This question is at the heart of why the HB exists and and why I wrote . . . Continue reading →

Don’t Just Stand There. Come On In!

Kevin DeYoung writes about a conference just held at his congregation with Collin Hansen. He makes a couple of points to which I want to respond. As a minister who has spent a fair bit of time calling people to Christ and . . . Continue reading →

They Turned The Covenant Of Grace Into A Covenant Of Works (Or Why The Distinction Between Law And Gospel Matters)

Understanding The Duplex Regimen Would Also Help

…In replying to DeYoung, Kwon and Thompson could have replied in kind, foregrounding the theological questions raised by DeYoung. Indeed, they could easily have made the case that on the merits of DeYoung’s own theology he should be far more concerned about . . . Continue reading →

Review: The Biggest Story Bible Storybook by DeYoung

The Biggest Story Bible Storybook written by Kevin DeYoung and illustrated by Don Clark, is a lighthearted, playful, yet faithful summary of the most important story ever told. It is one in a series of illustrated story Bibles by the duo. The . . . Continue reading →

A Nationalism That Does Not Honor Christ

The message—that ethnicities shouldn’t mix, that heretics can be killed, that violent revolution is already justified, and that what our nation needs is a charismatic Caesar-like leader to raise our consciousness and galvanize the will of the people—may bear resemblance to certain . . . Continue reading →